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How To Properly Hug A Girl In Public



Surprisingly, most of the women are sure that men do not know how to properly hug a girl and especially, they don’t know how to hug a short girl. So, the guidance on women’s hugging will be as useful as the knowledge of cooking grilled meat.

The Best Methods To Hug Your Girl In Public.

  • Calibration.

Make sure that you have correctly read the language of her body. If she asks for a hug, then do it. However, do it without being in a hurry, slowly, even cautiously, and when you see that the girl likes it, then go on. If she gives negative signals, then stop hugging your girlfriend. If everything turns into an embarrassing hug in the end, then apologize, smile, and try again. In addition, don’t forget that laugh gives a relaxing impetus to both of you. Make sure that the girl is having fun, and she is experiencing positive emotions, otherwise, the whole thing will be a big and stupid failure.

  • Light touching.

Let’s go through the technique. How to hug a girl you like? When you start hugging your girlfriend, then use a very light touch. A soft touch is always the right start for a great result. If she hugs you around your neck, then slide your hands from her sides to the back. If she is going to hug you around the waist, then concentrate all your attention on the back, you have nowhere to hurry, you will still have time to touch her ass. This strategy will distinguish you from other men who immediately try to take off her panties. It works best with Russian girls, so try it out with one of those beauties.

  • High-level hugging.

In tantric massage, there is an excellent technique that can be used during hugging. How to hug a girl? Your hands should move along her back with varying strength. Doing that, you should use both your palm and your fingertips. When you move straight up to her shoulders, use the entire width of your palm. When you go down, use only the fingertips. Thus, the girl will not be able to get bored of touching.

 Things To Avoid While hugging your Girl In Public

As you can see, everything sounds pretty simple, however, in practice, you can make a lot of mistakes. Try to avoid the most common ones.

  • Do not rush anywhere and do not hold her too tight.

There are moments when passionate hugs are appropriate. However, passion does not come from the air. First, you should show tenderness, do everything right and only then start hugging her passionately.

  • Avoid embarrassment.

Note that some types of caresses will make your partner feel insecure, they should be avoided. For example, how to hug a girl shorter than you? If you are a tall man, and your girlfriend is a little princess, then it is better to move your body somewhat to one side, so that the girl rests against your chest, and not against the stomach.


  • Do not be tiresome.

Too frequent and long hugs can make a girl think that you are far from being affectionate, and you are just tiresome. If she likes it, and she constantly asks for it, you should not be too pushy. Keep some distance, so that the pleasant sensations that give hugs will not fade with time.

  • If you hug the girl from behind, then do it carefully.

There should be no sudden movements and crazy hugs. If you hug her from behind, turn the girl to your face, and move your hands to the waist or the back. Hugs are great for creating an intimacy between you and your girlfriend. Hugs can be self-sufficient and not serve only as an aperitif to sex. In addition, if a girl can get pleasure from simple touches, then she will definitely be obsessed with your sex.



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