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ALL Artists: You Can Now UPLOAD Your SONGS On Babaleftonline



ALL Artists: You Can now UPLOAD your SONGS on Babaleftonline

The NotjustOk team has been thinking about the future of African digital music and also been listening to a lot of complaints and seen the frustration from many artists/creatives whose content have not made it onto Babaleftonline, because of the nature of content we post.

After considering these realities, among many others, we decided to create a platform, Babaleftonline,  where ALL artists and audio track creators can upload their OWN content to a useful and meaningful platform that will foster the sharing, listening and monetizing of music online. is an audio upload/music discovery and social platform that allows music artists and audio creators upload and share their content with their fans. We will enforce that everyone who uploads content has the right to do so and if any Copyright is being infringed upon by any user, the track will be taken down once the owner of the audio track submits all necessary evidence that they own the song or audio. Read our Terms of Use and more about Copyright

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We will provide a series of posts in the coming weeks to make it easier for you to use and become an active user on the Babaleftonline Platform.

We are excited and look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions and reviews about Babaleftonline which you can Post Here.


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