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Kanye Calls For Repeal Of 13th Amendment That Abolished Slavery In Controversial Tweet



Clearly, he didn’t learn his lesson the first time around.

Following his pro-Donald Trump censored rant on SNL, Kanye doubled down by calling for the repeal of the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery, in a controversial tweet.

“This represents good and America becoming whole again. We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America and create jobs. We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment. Message sent with love,” he captioned a photo of himself in a MAGA hat on a private jet.

After significant backlash, ‘Ye followed it up in an attempt to clarify what exactly he means.

“The 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise meaning it never ended We are the solution that heals. not abolish but. let’s amend the 13th amendment. We apply everyone’s opinions to our platform,” he added.

TMZ caught up with Yeezus after his meal at Mel’s Diner in West Hollywood yesterday, and he promised to expand on his opinions and “start a conversation” when he appears on TMZ Live this afternoon.

This should be interesting! In case you didn’t catch Kanye’s SNL rant, watch it below!

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