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Kanye Picked A Fight With Kim Kardashian Over A Band-Aid



In a new clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé asks her older sister Kim about Ye. Kim then divulges a couple marital spats her and Kanye have gotten into, including a petty one about a Band-Aid. A Jesus Band-Aid to be exact.

The two fought over a Band-Aid when Kim supplied him with two that were not satisfactory. “He didn’t like the color of the Band-Aid,” Kim recalls in the clip linked up top.

But the Jesus Band-Aid also failed to meet Yeezy’s standards. “He was like ‘I’ve slaved around the world making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus Band-Aid,’” Kim tells Khloé. “He said I should’ve got a skin-colored Band-Aid.”

The scene cuts to Kim complaining about having to handle something as trivial as a Band-Aid for her husband when she has three actual children to take care of.

He’s also currently fielding criticism from the likes of Chris Evans and Lana Del Rey for sporting a MAGA hat. On Monday, the rapper returned to TMZ to speak on the 13th amendment.

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