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Miley Cyrus Hangs With Pals In Malibu Without Liam Hemsworth



 Miley Cyrus Wears An Oversize Jean Jacket For Lunch With Pals

Miley Cyrus grabbed a bite with some pals in Malibu over the weekend, but fiance Liam Hemsworth must have been too busy surfing to join them. A lot of people are wondering why the two haven’t tied the knot yet, as they’ve been engaged for what seems like forever, but it’s sounding like a wedding might never happen!

Not to worry, though. Apparently, the lovebirds have never been better, and are thinking they might just be the next Kurt and Goldie!

“Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are so rock and roll — they’ve been together for so many years, like decades (35 years, specifically), but never actually got married. She thinks that’s hot and she says she and Liam could do the same thing. Miley and Liam consider themselves married. They refer to each other like they are, too, so it’s a bit confusing. But Miley swears they haven’t actually tied the knot and she says they may never do it. They want to have a family and be together forever, but they legit might never get married. Miley knows it’s hard for people to understand but she doesn’t really care. She’s an original and will do things her way,” a source dished to Hollywood Life.

“Miley says they’ve never been more deeply in love than they are right now. They’ve been having a lot of hot baby making sex, that’s part of what’s really brought them closer than ever,” the source added.

They’re like two ships passing in the night! Later in the evening, we caught the action star at the same place with his own group of friends. They’re independent and we like it!

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