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Cardi B ‘Devastated’ Over Possibility Of Going To Jail: She Can’t Spend A Night Away From Baby Kulture



Cardi can’t stand to spend even one night away from Kulture so the idea of being behind bars, away from Kulture is enough to make her cry, it’s devastating.”

Cardi’s fears are understandable considering some of the serious charges she’s facing. Back in Aug. 2018, she attended Angels Strip Club in the Big Apple and after hearing that one of the two female bartenders may have slept with her husband Offset, the rapper allegedly got her crew to injure the women with bottles and chairs. We spoke with three New York attorneys who EXCLUSIVELY told us that Cardi could face up to one-two years in jail depending on how things go in court.

Cardi’s had quite the year when it comes to fighting. In addition to the strip club incident, the new mom made headlines when she tried to fight Nicki Minaj at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 7. Although she didn’t get to Nicki in the crowd, she did leave the party with a huge knot on her head for trying. Cardi later took to social media to explain that she acted the way she did because she had heard that Nicki was talking ill of her daughter and like any protective mother, she did what she could to defend her baby girl. Nicki had her own explanations when she later took to her radio show to deny the claim and call Cardi a liar.

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