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Prince William And Kate Middleton To Attend First Joint Engagement Post-maternity Leave



The royal couple will be out together in London next week

Royal fans can expect to see a lot more of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge over the next few weeks now that Kate is back from her maternity leave, and what’s more, they won’t have to wait very long to see them out together either!

On Tuesday 9 October, the royal couple will attend their first joint engagement together following Kate’s time off, which will see them attend the first Global Mental Health Summit held at County Hall in London.

The event will see political figures, leading academics and policy-makers from around the world come together to help better mental health for everyone, and to discuss ways to work together to deal with the stigma that still attaches itself to the issue.



Prince William and Kate were last seen out together at Prince Louis’ christening in July

Prince William and Kate will attend a workstream on ‘Children, Young People and the Next Generation’ to listen to presentations on two case studies about mental health programmes from Slovenia and the USA. They will then visit an exhibition area to meet with representatives from mental health organizations, as well as viewing the work of Columbia-based artist Dairo Vargas, who will be painting an original piece of art at the event, which will be inspired by the day. To complete their visit, William and Kate will visit a Friendship Bench, which is part of a programme from Zimbabwe.


The royal couple are passionate about mental health

Both William and Kate, along with Prince Harry, started Heads Together in 2016, and all three have shown a passion for a particular area of mental health, with William often speaking out on men’s issues. At the launch in 2016, he said: “My thing really is to get more men talking about their issues before it is too late, and to stop feeling so strong and unable to seek help.”

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