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Hello friends, I would like to share a money making an opportunity with you, you can actually earn up to 50,000 naira monthly or more. This may sound absolutely crazy but I bet you will testify just like myself.  The platform for making this money is called NNU and I would like to explain what it is all about here.

What is NNU

NNU is a program designed with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, working class and anyone else who wish to take advantage of making money online legitimately on monthly basis.

How do I make money on NNU

(1). In NNU, a participant earns by just login into their NNU account daily… Just open your NNU account every day and the money in your dashboard will increase by 50 naira… Wow!!! That is by just opening the NNU site every day for one month you earn 30 days × 50 naira = 1,500 naira

(2). You can also make money from reading news and commenting on the news posted on the site. For every page you open on the latest news section of the site, you earn 2 naira and you can earn more by commenting on the news. That is if you can open as much as 500 news pages daily and comment on them you can earn:
(a) 2 naira × 500 posts = 1000 naira daily (30,000 monthly) if you just open and you don’t comment
(b) 3 naira or 4 naira × 500 posts = 1,500 or 2,000 naira daily (45,000 or 60,000 naira monthly)

(3). You earn 1,000 naira for each person you introduce to the system. That means if 10 persons register with your link daily, you will automatically earn 10,000 naira for referring 10 of them.

(4). You can also earn from Posting Forum topic on the site. You earn 100 naira for each forum topic you post. However, you have to post relevant and interesting content for your post to get approved.

(5). Sharing sponsored post on Facebook and Twitter: NNU assigns a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook and Twitter timeline, you earn N100 Naira daily by sharing it.

How to register on NNU

To register on the NNU system, costs only 1,600 naira (this is a one time payment, you won’t pay any money after paying this, and you can even get the money back that same day by referring one or two persons and reading some posts) Honestly I registered 7 persons the first day I joined the system. That was 7,000 naira gained.

You will also need to pay this 1,600 naira online with your ATM card. Please choose “Paystack” as the payment mode to avoid confirmation issues


Please make sure my username “samedoo” is on the referral section of the registration form. Help your boy collect the commission abeg…. Lol
 After paying and your account is approved, you can start making money.

Merits of NNU

(1). Very Legit and trusted
(2). Registeration fee is affordable
(3). Date for payment: 27th of every month (you must get to 5,000 naira before you can withdraw to your bank account).
(4). Phone and Email support available.
(5). Payment is stable and fast.
(6). You don’t need a laptop to earn.
(7). Friendly website.

Demerits of NNU

(1). Earning much money on this website is time-consuming. The more time you spend on the website, the more money you make.
(2). You have to refer people to join the system to earn more money. Referring people to join the system is “easy” and “not easy”…. Easy because it’s just 1,600 naira registration fee, anybody can risk 1,600 naira to try a new business. It is however not easy to bring people into the system because of the economic situation of this country, not everyone can afford to spend 1,600 naira to try something new. While some people can spend 1,600 naira in this business, other people don’t have the 1,600 naira to spend on this.

Is it advisable you join? 

As you can see the only disadvantage of this platform is that it is time-consuming and it’s a networking business even though it had a little registration fee. But then every legitimate job is time-consuming and advertisement is necessary for the growth of any business… So these are not much of a disadvantage at all.


Although there is a risk in every business we go into. But then in NNU, there is less risk or zero risks involved as I have explained above and you are spending just a little amount of money (1,600 naira). However, you need to be serious about making money before you join this platform.

Honestly I would advise you join this platform…. You won’t regret it

Click here to register on NNU

Thanks for reading and thank you for registering…. It’s good to be making money….. Lol
The official website is:

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