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How To Grow Your Instagram Account As Low As 3k – NaijaFollowers




Today is a good day for me, what about you? Anyway, today am going to show you simple way to create awareness on Instagram with your IG business page. Are you ready?

Okay, there are two ways to create awareness, gain Followers and comments… I mean Legit followers and comments.

Here are two ways you can grow your Instagram account Manually and Automatically:

  1. Edit the Instagram account to look professional
  2. Make use of a simple description that explains your business better.
  3. Target a hashtag (#crownedweddings) that have over 2m members.
  4. Comment on every single post using that hashtag. The more you comment, the more followers you get, the more comments and like you get also…


Not everybody has time to comment on other people post using the hashtag. There is Instagram software design to comment on a post, like and follow people that are using the hashtag you targetted.

We can help you create awareness on Instagram for as low as 3k


FOLLOW MRS BRENDA – @brendaconcept
FOLLOW MR SAM – @crownedweddings
FOLLOW ME – @babaleftonline
FOLLOW MISS MIRACLE – @treashyafrica

Hope you learned something new from this post and, I hope to see you next time on our daily social guide tutorial only on

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