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A French Teenager Turned the Bible and Quran into DNA and Injected Them into His Body



A kid in France transcribed parts of the Hebrew book of Genesis and the Arabic-language Quran, into DNA and injected them into his body — one text into each thigh.

Adrien Locatelli, a 16-year-old high school student, posted a paper Dec. 3 on the preprint server OS, in which he claimed, “It is the first time that someone injects himself macromolecules developed from a text.”


Locatelli, a student at the boarding school Lycée les Eaux Claires in Grenoble, France, told Live Science that he didn’t need any special equipment for his project. [10 Amazing Things Scientists Have Done with CRISPR]

“I just needed to buy saline solution and a syringe because VectorBuilder sent me liquid and ProteoGenix sent me powder,” he told Live Science.

VectorBuilder is a company that creates viruses that can sneak DNA strands into cells for gene-editing purposes. ProteoGenix synthesizes, among other things, custom strands of DNA. Both companies primarily serve scientists, but their products are available to anyone who purchases them.


If you saw the texts that Locatelli injected into his body, they wouldn’t look like much. DNA is just a long molecule that can store information. Mostly, it stores the information living things use to go about their business. But it can be used to store just about any kind of information that can be written down.

Locatelli’s method for translating the texts into DNA was straightforward, if a bit crude. DNA encodes its information using repeating strings of four nucleotides, which scientists have abbreviated as A, G, T and C. Locatelli lined up each letter of the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets (which correspond closely to each other) with a nucleotide, so each nucleotide represented more than one letter. So if you were to write a Hebrew sentence using his scheme, every aleph, vav, yud, nun, tsade, and tav would become a G. Every dalet, khet, ayin, and resh would become a T. And so on.

So, is this a good idea? Locatelli thinks so.

“I did this experiment for the symbol of peace between religions and science,” he said, adding, “I think that for a religious person it can be good to inject himself his religious text.”

Locatelli said he didn’t experience any significant health problems following the procedure, though he reported some “minor inflammation” around the injection site on his left thigh for a few days.

This account of only minimal complications fits with what Sriram Kosuri, a professor of biochemistry at UCLA, told Live Science.

“[The injected texts] are unlikely to do anything except possibly cause an allergic reaction. I also don’t know how likely the rAAV vector would be to make actual virus, given the way he injected. I honestly don’t know enough about the vector he used and how he did it (details are scarce),” he wrote in a message.

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Reekado Banks is not the only celebrity in the industry without beards. We can point out others like Wizkid, Lil kesh, Viktoh and co.

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Check Out The Top Controversies That Rocked Yoruba Film Industry In 2018




This is an examination of some of the top controversies that rocked the Yoruba film industry in the year 2018.

What controversy rocked the Yoruba film industry the most in 2018? Was it Adeniyi Johnson begging his ex-wife Toyin Abraham to sign their divorce papers? Or was it Mercy Aigbe’s controversial red dress? We’re not sure.

But, what we do know is that 2018 was drama-filled as usual with celebrity controversies keeping fans entertained all year long. Here, we present just a few of them.

1. Mercy Aigbe’s controversial red dress

Mercy had worn a red dress made by popular Lagos-based fashion designer, Maryam Elisha of Rikaoto by Me, for her 40th birthday photo shoot. But a bride would later come out to say it was hers.

The controversy began on January 4 and lasted nearly two weeks. The bride said the designer had lied to her that a logistics challenge had stalled its transportation to her in Benin.

The bride said she was supposed to wear the dress on her wedding day. There was n apology by the designer and a statement by Mercy Aigbe’s stylist, StyledBySeun, absolving her of any fault. The actress claimed it was all the designer’s fault.

2. Bose Alao announces break-up with hubby on WhatsApp

In June, Yoruba actress and movie producer, Bose Alao, announced that her 10-year marriage to football star, Rasaq Omotoyosi, was over. The actress disclosed this on WhatsApp.

She claimed that her marriage ended due to domestic violence. A week after, she apologised to her husband, Rasaq Omotoyosi, on Instagram claiming that they were both guilty of domestic violence and were undergoing therapy.

3. Adeniyi Johnson begs ex-wife Toyin Abraham to sign divorce papers

Actor Adeniyi Johnson took to Instagram to plead with his ex-wife, Toyin Abraham, to sign their divorce papers and let him go.

The actor revealed that Toyin had been stalling their divorce for the past three years and he is fed up with it.

4. Seun Egbegbe’s never-ending trial

The trial of an embattled Nollywood filmmaker, Olajide Kareem, popularly called Seun Egbegbe, which has lingered on for nearly a year was again stalled in November.

This was because the trial judge, Oluremi Oguntoyinbo, insisted that the case could not go on except the prosecutor, Innocent Anyigor, paid a fine of N50,000. The police charged Egbegbe and four others with alleged serial frauds involving N39,098,100, $90,000 and £12,550 since 2017.

They were accused of fraudulently obtaining the money from no fewer than 40 Bureau De Change operators in Lagos over a period of two years – 2015 to 2017.

5. Mercy Aigbe, Toyin Abraham’s cat fight

Yoruba actresses, Toyin Abraham and Mercy Aigbe, slugged it out on Instagram in June. Trouble began after Toyin accused Mercy of being the reason for her crashed marriage with her ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

Toyin stormed Mercy’s Instagram page to blast her, accusing her of being a ‘big for nothing hypocrite’ who only knows how to ‘write epistles’ when two people are fighting.

This was after Mercy sent a congratulatory message to Adeniyi’s (Toyin’s ex-husband) fiancée, Seyi Edun. They made up a few days after.

6. Toyin Abraham’s crashed engagement

Toyin Abraham got engaged to a faceless lawyer on May 16 only to announce six months after that there won’t be wedding after all. According to her publicist, there’s no bad blood between the former lovers.

He added that they have also chosen to remain friends but there would not be a wedding in the nearest future as hoped by family and friends.

7. Iyabo Ojo tags colleagues as fake, full of envy

Iyabo Ojo, during the year, described her colleagues as fake and full of envy. She failed to mention names but criticised her colleagues for living fake lives and not being supportive.

Iyabo’s tirade against her colleagues further confirmed the rivalry that exists in her industry. The actress claimed the industry is filled with gossips, backstabbing, envy, hatreds and all sorts of unfriendly acts.

She also maintained that the male actors are not left behind and majority of the stakeholders in the industry are more concerned about their colleague’s shortcomings.

8. Nkechi Blessing slams Seyi Edun over arrest attempt

Nkechi Blessing slammed her colleague Seyi Edun over her alleged attempt to get her arrested. According to reports, Seyi filed a police report against Nkechi for cyber bullying and threatening to release her sex tape.

Nkechi hit back by opening a can of worms. She claimed Niyi was deported from the U.S.

9. Yetunde Akilapa reportedly caught stealing a third time

Embattled actress, Yetunde Akilapa, was reportedly caught while attempting to burgle a home in Lagos in December. The 32-year-old actress was apprehended at Ajao estate, Oluwalogbon in Ketu, while trying to break into a house with a bunch of keys.

A video surfaced online showing the actress being apprehended and whisked away while pleading for mercy. She was later taken to a police station in the area to prevent a mob action.

After the news went viral, the actress deactivated all her social media handles and went underground.

The arrest came six months after she was arrested and charged to court for burglary and stealing valuables to the tune of N7 m. The latter occurred at an apartment in Mutairu Street, Shangisha, Ketu, Lagos. In July, she was brought before an Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court where she stood trial on a three-count charge bordering on burglary and stealing to which she pleaded not guilty.

10. Lola Margaret returned to social media after alleged credit card fraud in U.S.

Actress, Lola Magaret, who disabled her social media handles, after she was allegedly deported from the U.S. over a credit card fraud, returned to Instagram in October.

She was arrested in 2016. Lola, whose mugshot appeared online, was initially granted bail on the condition that she revealed the identities of the characters she was working with on the illegal withdrawals, and she did.

She has remained underground ever since her ‘quiet’ return to Instagram.


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