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How I Built A $500 Blog



Hi, do you want to know how I start a blog and make $500 in my first two months of starting?

Then in this post, I will be sharing with you how I grew my blog from $0 to $500 in the second month of blogging.

Make money blogging

Please let us know that I started at $0 as well like and many months I didn’t make any money but after doing some little things I saw that my earning increase and it such happen like that every single month.
Starting a blog is one of the searched keywords on google and how to make money with it as well, there are many blogs on the internet that are no making a dime from their blog with all their trials, they felt to leave it undone and forget about everything.
I started blogging as a newbie as well without knowing anything about blogging and I hit the rock with that because eventhough I know how to create a blog, but making money with the blog is really the problem and some of the things I know will I be sharing with you.
Blogging is a profession job as many people are making thousands of dollars per month with and mind you after a month I was able to get through everything and make good tangible amount of money from my blog. In my first month of blogging, I made a minute not even a dollar but thank God with some people who taught me blogging and was able to make more money.
So what do I do to make $500 in the second month of Blogging;
I change my Niche: what you are actually writing about really matters about how much you can make online blogging, to be sincere, not all niches are profitable, there are some niches that you need to change because they are not profitable to be sincere, not all niches are profitable, if you want to know if your blog or your niche is profitable, you can make use of Keywordpsy or use Google Keyword Analytics and it will give you the cpc of all the keywords of your blog, if your cpc is below $3, then you cannot make a good amount of money.
When I started my blog, I was into entertainment niche and for many months I didn’t make up to $20 even when am receiving some good traffic but I later know that there is not good money from entertainment because advertisers are not willing to pay anything to it.
Increase my Blog Traffic: To make more money online with your blog, you need to increase your blog traffic. Traffic as they say is very important to your blog, because eventhough you are giving your users a free giveaway, they wont be able to check it because you don’t have any visitors. So what do I do? I increased my traffic from non-converting ones to a very converting one and you will be glad it started. After changing my niche, I increased the blog traffic to a great number of size and that really happened. Traffic is very important to the success of your blog. I was able to make $500 from my blog because I was into a finance niche and also increase my traffic as well.
So if you ask me, how do I make the $500 from my blog in the two months, it was from changing my niche to a more profitable niche and increasing my traffic. You might have a question that, how do I increase my traffic in a short notice, don’t worry, it is nothing. I used Pinterest to drive the free traffic instantly unlike facebook that will take time to get instant traffic. If you do these two things, be sure to make money more with your blog. There are a lot of bloggers that are profitable, we have finance, credit cards, make money niche, health and fitness, travel etc and if you are into any of these niches, be sure that you will make good amount of money.

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