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Argument Ensues After Male Twitter User Says Time Women Invest In Domestic Work Is Keeping Them From Fully Investing In Their Careers



A male Twitter user shared a thread where he explained how the time women invest in domestic work prevents them from fully investing in their careers and his tweets led to a debate on Twitter.

Kayode Ani raised some valid points which were supported by some others, including male Twitter users. He said that while we call for the end of Female Genital Mutilation, FGM, it is also important to realize that unpaid domestic labour should be addressed as it derails women’s careers and leads to wage disparity. He advised men to contribute in doing domestic work at home so as to enable their spouses to be productive in their careers.

However, there were some who didn’t agree with him and told him that it is the duty of men to have careers while it is women’s duty to take care of the home front.

See Kayode’s tweets and the arguments from Twitter users below.

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