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Patton Oswalt Unites Twitter By Encouraging Followers To Help Pay Trump-Supporter’s Medical Bills!



Turns out, people on opposite ends of the political spectrum CAN put their differences aside and help one another… as long as one of them has been suffering from life-threatening health conditions. 

That was proven on Thursday when Patton Oswalt turned a Twitter argument with a Donald Trump-supporter into a major donation effort after discovering that the Vietnam vet picking a fight with him was very ill.

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Encouraging his followers to make a donation to Michael Beatty’s staggering medical bills, the AP Bio actor shared a link to the man’s GoFundMe page and wrote:

Healing him with kindness! Literally!

Not only did the spotlight lead to an outpouring of donations — with over $11,000 raised as of this writing — it actually got Liberal and MAGA Twitter to very briefly join forces for the greater good!

Beatty, for his part, thanked his nemesis-turned-benefactor and everyone who helped pay the “massive medical costs” he racked up after being hospitalized for sepsis and diabetic ketoacidosis, tweeting:

Making America WELL again.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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