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REPORT: 10-Year-Old Boy Dies By Suicide After Being ‘Constantly Bullied’ Over Colostomy Bag



Unfathomable. And so, so tragic.

A 10-year-old boy is dead, apparently by his own hand, after getting constantly bulled at school over the colostomy bag he had to wear for a health condition, according to news reports in Kentucky.

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Seven Bridges reportedly died by suicide this past Saturday morning while his mother Tami Charles was out of the house on a quick trip to the grocery store; when she returned, she was apparently the one to find his body.

Charles said (below):

“I saw my son dead. That’s something in my head. For the few minutes that we left, he didn’t want us to see that.”


Students at Bridges’ Kerrick Elementary allegedly taunted him because he had a bowel condition and was forced to wear a colostomy bag for his health.

Charles explained more (below):

“Twenty-six surgeries from the day my son was born. Twenty-six surgeries. He just wanted to be normal, that’s all. He couldn’t fight back [to the bullying] He didn’t know how to hurt you. He had no malice, none.”

So, so sad.

While the treatment at his elementary school had been awful, Seven was about to start school at a new academy for his sixth grade year; sadly, he never made it that far.

Charles now says she did everything she could about the bullying, but the school fell short (below):

“Because I was so aggressive in advocating for him, children started to act differently toward him … We found that the school system had a lot of holes and a lot of inconsistencies with their policies about bullying. They stood on the verbal message, the lip service of zero tolerance, but they did not deliver.”


So, so sad to read about the death of someone so young. Our hearts break…

You can support the family’s GoFundMe in the wake of Seven Bridges’ death by clicking HERE.

[Image via GoFundMe.]

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