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Florida Secretary Of State Resigns After Old Blackface Pictures Surface



Florida’s Secretary of State went full Florida Man on Thursday, resigning his position from the state government after old pics of him in blackface surfaced in the media.

Michael Ertel — who was Florida’s Secretary of State for about 7.4 seconds after being appointed earlier this month — is already done and gone because of an incredibly stupid decision!

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The Tallahassee Democrat obtained pictures Thursday morning from back in 2005 that show Ertel in blackface, dressed up for Halloween as — not even kidding — a victim of Hurricane Katrina.

He was also wearing a headscarf and fake boobs to round out his costume… again, his costume making fun of black hurricane victims.

See it for yourself (below):

The photo was taken in 2005, eight months after Michael Ertel was appointed Seminole County supervisor of elections and two months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

Posted by Tallahassee Democrat on Thursday, January 24, 2019

What. The. Eff?!?!

The blackface is bad enough, but what exactly did he think was OK about making fun of hurricane victims?! Someone from a state which regularly faces these storms should damn well know better.

We can’t believe THIS was Florida’s Secretary of State!

It may not surprise you to learn Ertel was appointed by new Governor Ron DeSantis, an ardent Trump supporter who also had some controversy over racist dog whistling comments he made about his African American opponent, Andrew Gillum.

Fortunately, Ertel resigned today after the photos went viral.

Is Florida great again yet?

[Image via YouTube/CBS Miami.]

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