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25 Types Of People Who View Your WhatsApp Status



A few months ago, I wrote an interesting article on the clear signs that your village people don’t want you to go to school. After that, I dropped a post on why your village people are seriously after your blog. For fun, continue reading for the 25 Types of People who View your WhatsApp Status.

With every passing day, we update our status or view that of our friends. However, people’s reaction to your status differ greatly. After a few years of Jumping from one Whatsapp status update to another, I have noticed that there are 25 Types of Persons who view WhatsApp Status.

Are you ready? Take a glass of chilled water and let us begin the journey…

25 Category of Persons Who View Your Status on WhatsApp

1. Normal Observers

These persons are always viewing your Whatsapp status, but will never reply. No matter how funny or sad the story is, they will still not comment. Sometimes, you wonder if there is something wrong with your updates.

2. Religious Observers

These ones are similar to normal observers; just that they will view your status with negative thoughts. After viewing, they will be like, ” I’m not sure this person will make heaven”. These set up people judge every move and post you make in their mind.

3. Fair-Weather Viewers

Fair-weather viewers will not reply or comment on your status unless they find something interesting. They only relate with you when they see that you are balling or your life is getting a little bit better. These set of people will never comment unless they see you pose in front of Benz.

4. The Emojis

These are people that will never type to comment on your status. The only thing they know how to send is emojis. Sometimes you begin to wonder if they have issues with sending text.

5. The Pastors

These ones won’t allow you rest; always giving you Moral Instructions. They want to change you by force. They are more active when you pose with beautiful girls, use slangs, upload “worldly things”, and so on.

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6. The Copy-Cats

These ones will copy everything. Even if it’s a sentence, they will still screenshot and post. These ones are very many. Most of them won’t even comment on your own but will end up reposting.

7. The Nice Guys

The Nice guys are boys and girls who won’t comment when they see you posting what is morally wrong. They are scared of rebuking you. However, they will comment when you update a very nice status. Maybe they are minding their own business.

8. The News Carrier

These ones will help broadcast your update. Most of them are your fans. They will help share your adorable moments and guide on their WhatsApp status. That’s what we love.

9. The Interpreters

These ones will help interpret and twist your WhatsApp status update. For example, if I carry a baby and post on my status, they will repost and caption it, “FlashIsaac welcomes a bouncing baby boy”.

10. The Tech Guys

These ones are very much interested in Tech Updates. They always comment and make technology gists interesting on WhatsApp. They want to see new phones, new cars, new laptops, new Televisions, new networks, apple vs Samsum, LG vs Hisense and so on…

11. The Fanboys And Girls

Fanboys and girls won’t allow you speak against movies, Team or brands they support. They don’t care to know the truth. All they care about is that their brand is the best. Sometimes, you wonder who brainwashed them to that extent. They include:

  • Apple fanboys and girls
  • Samsung fanboys and girls
  • Google fanboys and girls
  • Marvel Fanboys and girls
  • DC Comic Fans
  • Messi and Ronaldo fans
  • Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, etc.
  • Infinix and Techno Fanboys and many more.

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12. The “Awnn” People

These ones are very emotional. They like sweet things and will always reply with “awnn” or “wow!”. They have a sweet and beautiful heart. It’s wither they have not dated or they have never had a heartbreak or they are just like that.

13. The “You just abandoned me” People

They only remember you when you update your Whatsapp status but will always complain that you have forgotten them. It is only on WhatsApp status they related with you.

14. The Hype Boys And Girls

These ones will hype you to the extent that you will forget your name. They will hail you irrespective of what you post. Teasing people is their calling. They will use words like: Boos, leader, my father, mentor, my oga, chairman, one and only, CEO, etc.

15. The Normal People

Normal People will just behave normally. Reply to your post when they should, contribute when they should, contribute when to contribute and hold back when they should. But the painful thing is that normal people don’t exist in most WhatsApp status.

16. The Attention Seekers

This category is for some ladies or guys who are crushing on you. They will say something like, “ugly boy/girl” so that you can stay online and tell them things like, you are beautiful, have you eaten? are you single? you look like today’s bread.

17. The Scholars

The scholars are extremely intelligent people on on whatsapp. They will answer any question you ask and win prices if applicable. You will find different sholars on your whatsapp contact.

18. The “Buy” Group

These ones are full-time advertisers and business people. The best thing they know is buying and selling. Their language is: Buy this, buy that, get this, buy this for him, get this for her. One almost forced me to buy Gucci sneakers for a girl when I am still using “Aba made shoe” lol.

19. The “Show me the Way” Group

These ones will not let you rest. Any small thing, “show me the way”. They always want you to teach and carry them along in everything you do.

20. The Active People

These ones will comment on any WhatsApp status you post. Some of them are people who are not very close to you. Maybe they are doing it to gain your favour. If anyone who is close to you comments on all your status then they really love you.

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21. Those Who Look Up To You

For me, they include students, bloggers, SEO Experts and so on. Their questions make me exhausted and drained every day. You will see questions like, “I started blogging yesterday, when will I buy Benz?”

22. The Mature People

These ones be like, “I thought he is more mature than this”, “He shouldn’t be posting this kind of stuff”, “He is far bigger than this”, and so on. They want you to be a motivational speaker. They want you to be exactly what they want. Just be yourself.

23. The “See Finish” Ones

These ones are so close to you that nothing really interests them about your WhatsApp status. They reply your Whatsapp status just the way to talk to you one-on-one. Your closest friends are usually the ones who will irritate on WhatsApp.

24. Those who Think You are Referring to them and their Friends

Whether or not you post a Whatsapp status with your free mind, someone somewhere will think you are referring to him/her. They also have friends who would tell you to remove the status. Their friends will be like, “remove this status before Mr A or Mrs B sees it”

25. Oga at The Top

These are people in big positions that you are looking up to. These ones hardly view or comment on your Whatsapp status. But when they do, you are more than happy.

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