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Flavour’s Babymama, Sandra Okagbue Shows Off Her snapback Bod Just 3-months After Welcoming A Son



Linda ooo, haven’t you heard? Sandra and Flavour are no longer together, they said she called his bullshits off, when she found out about Flavor and Anna Banza rekindle romance, while she was away giving birth to the second baby. It appears that Sandra has decided to move on with her life. I’m so happy for Sandra, so now… That senseless Banza beauty without brain can have the Okenkpii all to her self. How a pretty girl like Sandra could allowed Flavour to be disgracing her up and down beats my imagination. Biko enough is enough!! You’re a beautiful girl, someone that will love and respect you will definitely find you. Stop dragging community Dick with banana. She’s beneath you Biko…

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