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A Call To Action | Jennifer Douglas Abubakar



A call to action | Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Please join me in praying for the oneness of our great nation and peaceful general elections in Nigeria. Our Country cannot afford to slide into anarchy, despite all provocative tendencies of the presidency.

I urge everyone to rise up in defence of Nigeria’s democracy through prayers and balloting, come February 16th 2019.

It is not an easy journey. They will try to derail us. They will try to make us afraid, they will try to confuse us. We should not be afraid. God is our guiding light, He will show us the way.

Whatever our religion, either Christian or Muslim, we need to pray for our nation. We need to pray because our nation is about to fall apart, we need to pray to God to hold it together. We need to pray for the future of our children, we need to pray for the future of Nigeria.

Women, you need to come out February 16 and vote. We need to vote. Your vote is important, without your vote, we cannot go to the promised land. You need to bring out your children, you need to bring out your husbands, sisters and relatives. Come out en masse to vote for AtikuObi.

Let us vote for a better Nigeria.

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