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Italian Coach Banned For Headbutting Rival Coach After Ordering One Of His Players To Break An Opponent’s Legs (Watch Video)



Italian coach banned for headbutting rival coach after ordering one of his players to break an opponent

Giancarlo Favarin, the head coach of Lucchese in Serie C has been given a five-month ban for head-butting another coach after ordering one of his players to break an opponent’s legs

In the viral video below, Giancarlo is launching a killer headbutt on Gaetano Mancino, assistant coach of rivals Alessandria, which knocked him to the ground.

The incident occurred during a brawl at the end of a 2-2 draw between the sides on Monday. 

The Serie C tribunal said of his behaviour during the brawl: ‘Favarin began a slanging match with a member of the opposing team’s staff at the peak of which he hit the latter with a violent headbutt, making him fall to the ground’. 

The tribunal added that the 60-year-old ‘invited his own player to ‘break the legs’ of an opponent.’ 

Mancino, the recipient of the headbutt, was also punished for ‘offensive and provocative behaviour’ and was given a two-match ban.

Watch the video below.

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