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Lilian Afegbai Launches Lingerie Line – Lilys Secret



The word Lingerie comes from the French word ‘lingerie’, meaning “things made of linen”. Lingerie has a racy connotation in English- fancy undergarments in lace and silk that is fashion’s closest answer to the puzzle of women’s sensuality. It suggests, it flirts, but it never reveals all. Throughout history, lingerie has served as womens answer to questions of individual sensuality and suggestion

Lillys Secret, the love child of award-winning actress and producer, Lilian Afegbai was birth out of the need to make women of all ages, sizes, and tax bracket  feel beautiful and sexy for themselves(first), and the pleasure of their significant others.

“I have always loved to look good even when no one is watching. Feeling great is the cornerstone of seduction, and it starts with you feeling fabulous underneath your clothes” says Afegbai.

A dream she has had for so long, Afegbai single-handedly designed the lingerie range with body positivity and inclusivity in mind. There are a lot of lingerie brands in Nigeria, with only a handful of Nigerian-owned brands, and Lillys Secrets is forging the underwear of the future. It is playing with the constructed ideals and imagery (pin-up) of the current market and the dominant male preferences and expectations of what makes a woman attractive. In the age of body positivity, feminism and #MeToo movement, Lillys Secrets is embracing all the curves, folds, rolls, scars, love handles, stretch marks, six pack and many more. “I want women to feel beautiful, sexy and free of society’s connotation of beauty, because we are all uniquely and wonderfully created”, says Afegbai.

The spectrum of styles include; bras, babydolls,  chemises, corsets, garters, panty hoses, rompers, stockings, sleepwear, teddies, thongs, waist trainers.

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