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H.R.H (Rev DR) Prince AZK Adekoya Asks That Powerful Question And Demand For A Commitment



H.R.H (Rev DR) Prince AZK Adekoya asks that powerful question and demand for a commitment

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Segun Sowunmi was questioned and made to give a commitment at Diaspora meeting in New Jersey, USA. 

A lot of people agree that the catchiest moment of the night was when H.R.H (Rev,Dr) Prince AZK Adekoya, a Nigerian American Legal expert, consultant and a people’s advocate stood up to challenge the Atiku spokesperson, Segun Sowunmi.

The Prince queried Sowunmi at the Townhall meeting, demanded for a commitment and got one. That moment has become known all over as that “that powerful question moment” that got the streets buzzing. He asked if the team would take a message back to Atiku and Obi. He also demanded and got a commitment from the team that the administration would frequently report back to, and interact with the Diaspora residents on a regular basis. reporters enjoyed yet another “Powerful Moment” with him when he expressed,

“We in the diaspora would put our leaders on notice that big brother and sister Diasporans are no longer sitting and watching from afar, but are ready to be part of the collaborative efforts needed, that they are willing and able to help move Nigeria in the right direction. We are sick and tired of putting New wine in an old wine skin or running our economy with analog system in a digital age. Enough means Enough. The success of Nigeria is Paramount to all Diasporans”. 

Val Frakas Mo’Fire Amadi, publisher has expressed interest in working with the 

Prince on several community outreach programs.

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