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BABA! READERS Time For Youths To Discuss, And Act To Build A Better Nigeria


on Time for Youths to Discuss, and Act to Build a Better Nigeria

What if youths could take charge of electoral processes and had the power to influence the future of Nigeria? This is possible and the reason for

Rex2019 is a non-partisan platform and movement aimed at giving young people an active voice and opportunity to participate in reshaping the current political landscape of Nigeria from one riddled with corruption and nepotism to politics of reasoned practical objectives and achieving specific reforms. is a window for young people to go beyond complaining, lamenting and watching and pointing fingers from the sidelines while the state of the nation slides further down every passing day.

Founder of Rex2019, Rex Adebanjo, a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist believes that youths need to actively participate and lead in the building of a new and better Nigeria.

“The world will be a bad place if we spend our energy complaining about evil, rather than invest our energy in building the good.

As Plato Succinctly put it, if you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.

Rex2019 plans to work with volunteers that will donate towards establishment of citizen driven solar powered E-learning centers across the nation, to educate the masses on positively getting involved in the affairs of the nation and ease such participation.

“It’s time to stop letting things happen to you and take charge in influencing the outcome that will be your future” – Rex Adebanjo

The Cornerstone of Progress is discussion and critical thought.

Sign-up on and shape the decisions and actions that will build a better Nigeria. The power is with you and I.

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