Friday, May 24, 2019

5 Points To Learn From The Naira Marley's Case With EFCC

Naira Marley has been the talk of the day over his unashamed support for Internet fraud.
The whole thing started when he said on Instagram, “If you know about the history of slavery, you go know say, Yahoo no be crime“. That statement alone generated spines of controversies with several celebrities weighing in their opinions on the issue of Internet fraud. Timaya went on his Instagram page to advise Naira Marley for that statement. A week after, Naira Marley is be cooling off in the confines of Ikoyi Prison.
Now News in Full: It started from being invited for questioning to spending several days at the EFCC detention facility together with Zlatan and three others and now he has been charged to court alone. As humans, we make mistakes, it now behooves on us to learn from our mistakes to achieve greater things.
You might want to ask yourself, what does this Naira Marley and EFCC drama has to teach me?
What can we learn as fans from the mistakes of Naira Marley and make sure we ourselves don’t make this same mistake?

Read 5 Things Everyone Should Learn from Naira Marley’s Case:-
1. Always Mind Your Business
If only Naira Marley had focused on his career, and mind his f**king business this issue would have been averted. If Naira Marley had made that Yahoo statement and stopped at that, God knows EFCC would not have come for him.
2. Never Do Anything for The Gram Or For Fame
At the beginning of the whole outburst by Naira Marley, it looked like he was enjoying the fame and the attention he was getting from every of his comments on yahoo-yahoo.
What does profit Naira Marley that profit all the fame and loose his own freedom?
He’s been to prison now, got his name tainted, embellished in the mud, got negative attention to his career. Yeah, he might pull through with this eventually and be free.
What if he had decided to “waka jeje inside life” and kept quiet the moment he felt he is about to be treated like FelaMandela and President Kennedy who were even fighting for the right cause.
EFCC just had to utilize the whole scenario to prove a point so people won’t say they are afraid of entertainers.
Naira got the fame, got the clout, fed from the popularity of Internet fraud to his advantage. At the end of the day, it got him into trouble.

3. Don’t Listen To The Crowd
At some point in the whole issue, some people especially the so-called yahoo boys be like, “Naira Jekanmo“, “Tell Them” urging him to keep the fire burning.
But how many of the so-called Marlians giving him ginger to keep talking about illegal Internet-fraud matter are with him at Ikoyi Prisons now?
In this life we just have to be careful about the kind of advices we take. Some are harmful, few are beneficial.
4. There Are Consequences For All Our Actions
Naira Marley‘s ordeal teaches us that whatever we are going through now is as a result of the choices and actions we’ve done in the past.
If Naira Marley had focused on next big music project after having successful Marlian Concert, God knows prison won’t be his location right now.
Whatever actions you take now, know that there are going to be consequences for it later. So, always do what is right.
5. Lastly, Don’t Talk While Eating
If truly Naira Marley does all he is accused of, he could have been silent about it knowing fully well that the law of the country frowns at it.
Yahoo-Yahoo is illegal but to some extent our society accept it due to the need to survive in the face of hard economy.
The truth is, yahoo-yahoo is best practiced under “G“. Make your money lowkey and enjoy, don’t come out and still be glorifying it.
In Naira Marley‘s case, he decided to be the PRO of the YBAYahoo Boys Association which has landed him an apartment in Ikoyi Prisons.

A word they say is enough for the wise!Everyone wants Naira Marley out of jail.
We want him to continue his flourishing music career but his mistakes has cost him his freedom, only time will tell if it will cost him his career. This is an opportunity for everyone to learn from the mistake he has made and become better people!

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